Mawson Lakes Image Gallery Scout Photos Page-3

Photographs by MawsonLakesScoutGroup

To access the Mawson Lakes Scout Group photos
follow these instructions:

1) Go to in a web browser
2) Log in: you can log in to flickr using a facebook account, a twitter account, a yahoo account or create a new flickr account.
3) When you log in to flickr for the first time it will ask you to create a unique screen name.
4) Now search for the user 'MawsonLakesScoutGroup'
5) Add as a friend - you will then have access to maybe one of the photo "sets" available.
6) Now email tekko and radar your flickr screen name, and one of us will add you as a friend to the MawsonLakesScoutGroup user. Now you will have access to all the photos.

The photos are arranged in what flickr calls a "set". Each set for us will be a collection of photos from a specific activity. You can view, download, share the photos.
We do not have all the photos online yet. There are after all 100s? of Gb of photos covering the years of the troop. There is also often a delay in getting the latest photos up online.
You will also notice the names of the sets are in the format 'YYYY-MM-DD activity name'.
Keep checking flickr for updates.

Contact: Mawson Lakes Scout Group

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