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    Mawson Lakes Scout Group

    Wishing everyone a happy and exciting 2017


Welcome to, the online home of
the Mawson Lakes Scout Troop -- ZULUTroop; Cub Pack -- ZULUPack; and Joey Mob -- ZULUMob

Scouting offers young people stuff they cannot get at School or with any sporting club: a sense of Adventure and the chance to stretch themselves mentally as well as physically in a positive self-disciplined environment.
100 years ago, Lord Baden Powell (the founder of the World Scouting Movement) had a vision that he delivered on Brownsea Island. Following in the spirit of that vision, ZULUTroop aims to deliver a high adventure, action based program in a highly focused way.
ZULUTroop is about being out in the field; about working in Scout Patrols and getting dirty, muddy and sweaty while you do it; it is about a sense of mateship that comes from high adventure and going a bit further and a bit harder than you thought you could.
The Scouting youth gain self-confidence through doing; through individual and group learning; through participating in physical activities; participating in teams; and through facing and conquering some of their fears.
As they progress through Scouts the youth gain teaming skills and can also gain leadership skills.
Scouting is also about service and respect: service to your patrol; to your troop; and to your community; and respect for the world we live in; the wonders of the universe; the environment; the people around us; and respect for oneself.
If our program delivers all these things then ZULUTroop has been successful.


  • A Scout is trustworthy
  • A Scout is loyal
  • A Scout is helpful
  • A Scout is friendly
  • A Scout is cheerful
  • A Scout is considerate
  • A Scout is thrifty
  • A Scout is courageous
  • A Scout is respectful
  • A Scout cares for the environment

For any information about the Mawson Lakes Scout Group, please contact the Group Leader:
Jeff Bettens on 0407 619 357 or E-Mail

or the Assistant Group Leader:
Trevor Harris on 0421 079 747 or E-Mail

For further information about Scouts (10.5-15 year olds) please contact:
ZULUTroop Scout Leader:
Phil Smith on 0426 473 510 or E-Mail

For further information about Cubs (7.5-11 year olds) please contact :
ZULUPack CubScout Leader:
Leigh Tonkin on 0411 694 926 or E-Mail

For further information about Joeys (6-8 year olds) please contact :
ZULUPack JoeyScout Leader:
Kelly Janetzki 0416 989 464 or E-Mail